Concept Art

Do you have an idea of how you would like a character or environment to look like, but can’t seem to capture the image on paper or on a computer screen?


Is your story written, but you need an artist to bring to life as an image? Or is your initial artwork completed, but you need an inker to take to the next level?


Flatting (placement of the initial colors) or full Colorist services (flatting, lighting, shading, and highlights) available for illustrations, comic books, etc.

3D Modeling

3D modeling can be used for almost anything today ranging from product designs and floor plans to video games and film.

Branding Suites

This is essentially the “skin” of a business. Everything from the colors, imagery, font, etc. are all part of it. Let’s see what package suits your operation best!

Leave Behind Pieces

Nothing stands out more in a first impression than a great complimentary piece that the potential client or customer can remember you by. I offer a wide variety of options; so, lets see how I can help you today!